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Despite how aware we are of germs and the potential for contamination hygiene is a relatively recent practices.

It was only in the beginning of the last century that health care researchers started to understand how diseases are transmitted and began to develop effective means of combating and preventing transmission and infection. Many of the standard healthcare products and practices we are familiar with in hospitals today are quite recent innovations and people have had to fight hard to make them standard practice despite how commonsense they appear to us now. Some practices such as those covering the disposal of sharps and the covering of staff were only standardized in the last three decades.

The result of these collective practices has been an astonishing drop in mortality rates. Surgery has become a highly survivable procedure enabling many elaborate techniques to be developed and making cosmetic surgery a reasonable activity to participate in.
Many of these now standardized practices have resulted in a range of healthcare products and services to support their effective implementation.

Paragon Products designs and manufactures a large range of purpose built healthcare products primarily in areas of medical waste disposal and hygiene.

All Paragon bins can be made from quality stainless steel and are finished with Steri Touch antibacterial finish. All employ a hands free pedal system to maximise hygiene and minimise risk of contamination. Lids close silently so as not to disturb ill or sleeping patients or distract medical professionals carrying out delicate procedures. Standard healthcare bins are available in 20L, 50L and 80L variants to suit all requirements. Castors enable bins to be moved easily and safely.

Other bins manufactured by Paragon Products include specialized Glass bins with a removable inner galvanized liner. Disability-friendly bins allow bins to be opened by wheelchair users, providing an arm level lever. Wall mounted bins are suitable for installation in A&E or Psychiatric facilities and come with features such as Pivot up System to facilitate easier cleaning.

Paragon also supply a number of trolley products for use in healthcare. Sharps bin trolleys carry sharps disposal containers and come in a range of sizes. Cylinder trolleys enable the safe and easy transport of a number of different types and size of gas cylinder.