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Welcome to the Paragon Products Design & Manufacturing Area, in this area we go through our manufacturing process detailing individual processes which may be of interest.


Product Design & Innovation

Taltech Engineering has its own dedicated Design & Development Department. This Department looks after design of new products & changes to existing products to suit ever changing customer requirements.

Every product we produce has some level of customisation, our design department people are available at all times to help with this process.


Manufacturing & Facilities

At Taltech we manufacture all our products in house. This gives us full control over all aspects of our products, it enables is to give a better after sales service to our customers covering all aspects of the product design, implementation and spare parts requirements.

Below is a small list of our Facilities & Departments

  • Computer Automated Laser Cutting Machine
  • Computer Automated CNC Punching Machines
  • Automated CADcam System
  • Large Powder Coating Facility
  • In House Screening Facility
  • Technical Sales Department
  • Engineering/Research & Development Department
  • Customer Service Department
  • Maintenance Department


Product & Materials Certification

Taltech Engineering/paragon Products are full ISO Certified, quality of products and quality of service is our main focus.  See below for some details of various materials & their relevant quality standards


Paint & Finish

Powdercoat finish is certified to BS476 Part 6 Fire Propagation & Part 7 Class 1 Spread of Flame



Our main steel material used in our products is a rust resistant Electrolytically Zinc Coated Cold Rolled Steel which is certified to BS EN 10152:2009



Steri-touch anti-bacterial surface finish is available on all our Healthcare Products as standard. This surface finish gives the product protection against super bugs such as E-coili & MRSA where the unit will self sanitise itself within 10-30 minutes of initial contact.

See our Steri-touch page for further details including reports and specifications


Colour Coding & Labelling

We have our own internal design department that will look after all your labelling and colour coding requirements.  We are also available to advise you on what best suits your requirements based on your overall waste handling requirements

Recycling Program

Let us help you set up your own recycling program, determin your waste streams & design a product to suit your exact requirements, our staff have many years of experience in recycling and as a company we can look after everything for you from initial design to finished delivered product placed in location. 


Delivery and Installation

We provide a complete delivery, installation and commissioning service for our products.  We can visit to help you determin your requirements and once delivered we can set everything up in place and ensure it is working for you



We have our own dedicated Service Department covering the following areas

  • Servicing of existing products
  • Audit Services (determin your requirements)
  • Repair of Non Paragon Products
  • Consultancy Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Product Installation
  • Product Commishioning