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Stainless steel trolleys are superior to trolleys made of other materials as they are more durable, and because they are easy to clean, are far more hygienic. In healthcare and food catering industries these qualities are of the utmost importance. 

Trolleys made from stainless steel allow the easy transportation of whatever items you require – such as culinary dishes and cutlery for food service, or medicines and medical aids for healthcare centres - in a safe and clean way.

The superior properties of stainless steel

  • Stainless steel is preferred over other inferior metals for its corrosion and rust resistant properties.
  • Stainless steel is an iron alloy with a minimum 10.5% chromium and a mixture of other alloy elements. These additional alloys, including nickel, titanium and copper, increase the strength and formability of the stainless steel to the specific requirements of the product being manufactured.
  • Stainless steel products are better looking, longer lasting and provide higher hygiene standards.

About Paragon Products stainless steel trolleys

Paragon Products have a range of trolleys made from stainless steel including portable shelves ideal for meal service or medicine dispensing. These trolleys are designed for optimum ease of movement and storage and their stainless steel construction makes them easy to clean. From hotel and catering trolleys to trolleys designed specifically for healthcare professionals, Paragon can assist you with your trolley requirements.

An example of a popular product in the Paragon Products range includes medical trolleys which have the following standard specifications…

 Stainless steel construction
 Powder coating in epoxy polyester
 Fitted swivel castors
 Rubber wall buffer fitted to wheels
 Heavy duty durable design

Paragon Products high specification healthcare products, including medical dispensing trolleys, are part of the Taltech Engineering range.

Taltech/Paragon have nearly 30 years experience producing high quality healthcare products using the best manufacturing standards and environmentally friendly production methods. Paragon products are a leading supplier of products such as medical trolleys, waste bins, first aid products and soap dispensers for Ireland’s healthcare industry.

For more information on choosing stainless steel trolleys for your healthcare industry contact Paragon Products