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Stainless Steel Healthcare Bins

Large Stainless Hospital Bin

Range Details

We offer a Stainless Steel equivalent for all Bins within
our Healthcare Range

We recommend Stainless Steel for areas such as Kitchens,
Bathrooms, Sluice Rooms, Dialysis Units and for most
areas with a High Moisture or Salt Content in the air

Standard Sizes:   Large 80 litre Capacity (26” X 44” Bag)

                            Medium 50 litre Capacity (20” X 37” Bag)

                            Small 20 Litre Capacity (15” X 24”)


Lids & Colour Coding Details

Lids can be Colour Coded & include Waste Details in Label form or Screen Print

Colour Coded Lids





  • Fire Retardant Cert Ref. SII 210/2
  • Fully Stainless Steel
  • Colour Coded Lids
  • Anti-Bacterial Finish
  • Medical Grade Non Porous Shock Cord
  • Heavy Duty Lock
  • Screening or Labels
  • Castors available
  • Rubber Wall Protectors
  • Rubber Feet


If you have any further questions about this Range please contact us anytime for info