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What can be recycled (in office and home)

There is an increased awareness of the need for recycling in our society.Brightly designed recycling stations manufactured by Paragon Products are situated in most offices and schools providing an opportunity for the householder/office worker to easily separate their waste. The decision is what can be recycled?

Before embarking on a recycling program check with the local waste provider to determine what recycling procedures are in place. Some companies will have a number of bins for different waste streams while other companies will have one bin for dry mixed recyclables and the company will separate the waste into the various categories at their facility.

Paragon Products supply a comprehensive range of recycling bins and stations with clearly marked

labels identifying the various waste streams suitable for recycling.

Recycling stations are ideal for offices, schools, colleges and homes.

Having determined what waste streams are sorted by the waste company we need to know

what items are suitable for recycling.

Below is a comprehensive list of recyclable products, however you can also check for the

symbol on the product /packaging. All plastic containers are labelled with an identification code (RIC)

that identifies the grade of plastic and how it can be recycled. <image of RIC>



Paper is one of the best materials for recycling, but it must be clean and free from any contamination

·        Newspapers

·        Magazines

·        Junk Mail

·        Envelopes

·        Paper

·        Phone Books

·        Catalogues

·        Tissue Boxes

·        Sugar Bags

·        Calendars

·        Diaries

·        Letters

·        Computer Paper

·        Used Beverage and Juice Cartons

·        Milk Cartons

·        Egg Boxes

·        Holiday Brochures

·        School Copy Books

·        School Books (If They Cannot Be Donated Or Reused)

·        Food Boxes

·        Packaging Boxes

·        Cereal Boxes

·        Kitchen Towel Tubes

·        Toilet Roll Tubes



·        Drinks Cans

·        *Empty Deodorant Cans (Plastic Lid Separate)


·        Pet Food Cans

·        Food Cans

·        Biscuit Tins

·        Soup Tins



All clear and coloured plastic bottles can be recycled. The bottles should be empty and clean if possible, with the cap on, there is no need to remove the label. A recent survey in the UK found that 35.8 million plastic bottles are used every day but only 19.8 million are recycled, therefore 16 million plastic bottles a day do not make into the recycling bin.

·        Mineral Bottles

·        Water Bottles

·        Mouth Wash Bottles

·        Salad Dressing Bottles

·        Rigid/Hard Trays Including Biscuit / Bakery Good Trays, Bread Trays, Salad Bowls / Trays, Fruit And Veg Plastic Trays And Meat Trays



·        Yoghurt Containers

·        Margarine Tubs

·        Rigid Food Packaging

·        Liquid Soap Containers

·        Fruit Containers (With Netting Removed)



Glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss of quality or purity. Recycling glass bottles provides for production efficiencies and significant environmental benefits. There is a tonne of raw materials  saved for every tonne of glass recycled. So bring those bottles to the nearest recycling centre and help to improve our carbon footprint.



All electric products can be returned the retailer when buying a similar item from the store. If the electrical product is delivered then the retailer must take back the old appliance .this directive is in place since 2005.If disposing of an electrical appliance it can be brought to the local Council Recycling Centre
and recycled for a small fee .No electrical products should be disposed in Landfill.


Batteries should be recycled because they can leak harmful metals into our soil and eventually into our rivers and streams, leading to soil damage fish kills. Batteries can also cause damage to animals and wildlife by inhaling harmful toxins which might end up in the food chain. Always bring your wasted batteries to the nearest reputable recycling centre



More information can be found at Think Green


Paragon Products offers a comprehensive service to anyone wanting to implement a recycling

system whether it is a large organization or a one-person office. We provide a full audit of the current waste management system with an on-site visit and assistance in determining the size and type of bins required.

We provide all labelling to show which item should go into each bin and we follow up with a delivery and installation service

Paragon Products Recycling stations on location.