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Recycling Single Bins

Welcome to the Paragon Products range of Recycle Single Bins. We offer a wide range of recycle bins in a number of sizes that can be designed to your specifications. Our bins are perfect for the management and disposal of any number of recyclable waste and materials such as paper, plastic, aluminium, glass and general waste. Overall, the Paragon Products range of bins offers options that are ideal for schools, offices, hospitals as well as outdoor settings.

Our recycle bins cover all of your needs as we supply cardboard bins, plastic bins and stainless steel bins that come with a variety of lid options and signage and colour options. Our mobile open type bins offer multiple units and a handsfree lid system for ease of use and better sanitation. Our confidential waste bins and designer indoor bins are heavy duty stainless steel bins that are sleek, secure and durable. Also, the Paragon Products school litter and recycle bins are designed for the school environment can be wall mounted and are durable and robust.

To discover how the Paragon products range of stylish and durable recycle bins can be designed to your needs please contact us via phone, fax or email the Paragon Products sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NOTE: Products may vary slightly from pictures shown.


Round Recycling Bin S/S


CODE: 6944


 2 way Recycling Bin S/S


CODE: 6943


Plastic Pedal Bin Yellow 12L


Code: 1850Y

Designer Indoor Recycle Bin


CODE: 6915

 Trinity Single Pedal Operated Recycling Bin


CODE: 8047

Plastic Pedal Bin Yellow 20L



CODE: 1830Y

Metro Recycle Bin

CODE: 6911

Slim Plastic Recycle Bin

CODE: 6921


Plastic Recycle Bin 30-50L

Code: 6936


Push Lid 25-40L

Code: 6937


Plastic Recycle Pedal Bins 30/45/70L

Code: 6930 - 6931 - 6932


Cups & Liquids Disposal Bin

CODE: 6925

Plastic Recycle Bin

CODE: 6923

Mobile Open Type Recycle Bin

CODE: 3200


School Litter & Recycle Bin

CODE: 6432


Open Type Recycle Bin

CODE: 1240

Confidential Waste Bin


CODE: 6916

Swing Top Recycle Bin

CODE: 1030


Round Recycle Bin

CODE: 5031


Hive Bin

CODE: 3207