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Waste Management Audits


Site Visit

The initial site visit is where we would look at the intended areas for waste stations or bins.  Full measurements & images are taken with a general discussion on each area with the client 


Waste Streams

Discussion of your different waste stream requirements.  We would also look at the possibility of reducing the waste steams.


Colour Coding

Once we agree on the waste types we would discuss colour coding of the labelling and the bin or station if required.  This is important to ensure people use the correct waste stream for the waste they have. 

It eliminates any issues from cross contamination of waste.



We provide customer branding as standard on either the unit or the labelling. 



What extra functionality do you require? At this stage we would discuss anything else you may require from the bins or stations.  For instance is it for outdoor use, do you require the openins to be covered - if so we can provide lift up lids

Do you require the bin to be mobile?  We can fit castors or provide a mobile dolly for moving the bins from location to location.

Because we manufacture all our own products in house we can make changes to ensure the bin or station has all the functionality you require


Liquids Disposal

We can provide a Liquids Disposal module for most of our recycle stations.  The unit can be incorporated into the product or a modular unit can be provided which can be fixind to the station. 

The unit comes with a 25 Litre capacity or comes ready to be plumbed into the maisn if required



We provide a complete installation service as standard.  We would deliver, un pack & place each bin or station in its correct spot, ensure it is functioning correctly & remove all the packaging.