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What are Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that are downloaded to a hard drive on your computer or other device. They help to see how website is used, hence they help to improve users experience and remove any bottle necks. Some cookies remember your selections (ie. order of products), some are necessary to login or use shopping cart. There are also so called third-party cookies. One of the most commonly used is Google Analytics which provides anonymized website statistics.

One of the ways to manage or completely block cookies  (some or all) is via your web browser. Every web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge) has a settings menu where you can change cookies settings.

What cookies do we use?

Long string of letters and numbers is a session cookie.
Example Only: 6e7aa49e2c195da59d5a0204bd1d3ffa (will be different on your website)

Session cookies allow users to be remembered through a website so any choices, item or data selection is remembered from one page to another. The most common example is the shopping cart of any e-commerce site. The session cookie remembers your selected items until you reach check out.

Session cookies is automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics cookies provide advanced anonymized website statistics. First one will expire in 2 years, the other 2 in a day or 2.

Cookies consent       

This is cookie consent which is applied if you agree to use cookies, it is valid for one year. You can always reverse your decision by clicking black cookie policy on the bottom left and removing your consent.