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Infection Control within the Healthcare industry has become a major issue with the increase in the spread of Super Bugs such as M.R.S.A. 

Our main Healthcare Range the Paragon Products Healthcare Bins (available in both Metal and Plastic) come with specifically designed features top help prevent the spread of infection in the Healthcare Environment.

Paragon Steritouch Anti-Bacterial FinishThe range comes with Anti-bacterial paint as standard on all models. With our  Anti-bacterial finish system the unit self sanitises itself
within 10-30 minutes of initial contact.

This finish is standard with all products within our Healthcare Products Range and is available for all colour finishes.

Our Healthcare Range of bins come all with Wall Buffers which are designed to ensure the Bin does not come in contact with the wall behind it.  This prevents damage to the top of the bin and also more importantly it prevents damage to the surface area of the wall, therefore preventing the spread of infection from a damaged wall which may harbour Bacteria.

The buffers are placed near the base of the bin to take any trim or skirting boards into consideration ensuring they keep the bin clear of the wall regardless of the area.

The lid is designed to sit inside a frame at the top of the unit which prevents the lid being opened by hand. This ensures the unit is opened using the Foot Pedal only,  further helping to prevent  the spread of infection.

The bag also covers the top of the bin and handsfree system sealing the bin from possible infection and reducing the risk of bacteria forming

Our healthcare products have been tested using the various cleaning agents used within the healthcare Sector. 

Our products are designed to be easy to clean, we have minimised the joins into a seamless design where possible and has fewer areas where dirt can gather.

 We use a specifically designed Medical Grade Non Porous Shock Cord for holding the bag/sack in place. This ensures the cord can be wiped clean of all contaminants and aids infection control prevention.

It is very hard wearing (Rubber Core with Polypropylene Outer Braid) and performs excellent in the demanding healthcare environment .

This feature reduces the speed that the lid closes making the overall operation of the bin quieter. This is particularly important in a healthcare environment. This feature also acts as a safety device as the lid descends slowly preventing any possible risk of injury

Taltech supplies as standard an extensive range of labelling options with our bin ranges.

We also offer a screened lid where the relevant information is printed directly on to the lid. This eliminates the possible infection risk with labelling as bacteria may build up around the edge of the label over time.

We also offer a magnetic label which can be used to Re-Classify a bin for example - re-classify from Domestic Waste to Clinical if extra clinical waste bins are required for an area. The label can be removed when cleaning and can be cleaned separately & replaced back on the bin.