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School Recycling in Ireland


Paragon products manufactures a wide range of recycling solutions ranging from traditional to modern environmentally friendly recycling stations. We have developed a wide range of recycling solutions from initial concept, many of which were developed in conjunction with our customers, right through to completion.

We  have over ten years experience in developing and manufacturing customized recycling solutions for our customers. We work in conjunction with waste management companies to ensure that the best possible solution is achieved in terms of facilitating the various waste streams in a way that is economically viable, environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing.

Clear and concise labelling is a central element in implementing a successful recycling scheme. The Paragon Products Design Department have developed a range of labelling options that are informative, visually pleasing and effective in ensuring that recycling is done correctly and made easy.

We actively encourage recycling at school level. We have a range of recycling solutions for schools and we have recently developed various classroom & corridor bins and recycling station.
Recycling solutions have been recently implemented by Paragon Products in Trinity College, Limerick Institute of Technology, University of Limerick, Mount Temple Comprehensive School and McDara’s Secondary School.

Undoubtedly for schools and colleges participation by students in the introduction of a new recycling system can be central to its success. We have promoted this area by introducing competitions including rewards for the best recycling label using the school logo.

The end user becomes a central part of our design process and by designing a label that is informative and modern the necessary separation of waste is encouraged and this not alone has an economical benefit but also an environmental benefit.

Undoubtedly recycling has a positive effect on the environment but also there are substantial other benefits to be achieved through recycling:

• Major financial savings through reductions in cost for waste disposal
• Cleaner and more pleasant working/school environment
• Recycled waste is turned into products
• Recycling diverts material from landfill

It is important to make recycling easier and at Paragon Products we make this our goal in developing recycling solutions. We ensure the use of clear and concise labelling informs users of where to put waste for recycling. We also encourage the use of clear bags. This ensures that there is full visibility of bag contents and allows maintenance staff to monitor the effectiveness of the segregation system.
Taltech Engineering offers a free consultation service to discuss various waste streams and the most effective recycling solutions to accommodate these.

Since we manufacture all of our products at our engineering plant in Dublin we can design and manufacture bespoke solutions for customers who have specific requirements.

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